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Hello beautiful fellow human, welcome to my blog!


I feel it's time to live my mission, hence my blog: The ProMiss. This blog was created in 2020 and it is insurmountable that I start sharing my message just now.
We live in an unreal time, a time that requires an expansion of consciousness.
There is a lot of confusion, unrest, uncertainty and fear. I see it as my mission to be a counter-force to this, to rise above this as it were. For me this is no longer a choice, I can't help but stop keeping myself small. For the sake of the big picture, I can't spend my little self with me anymore. There's not that much time left and I can't afford it for myself and my surroundings anymore.
Of course I can't change the world on my own, but I can change MY world and that's exactly what's needed. Everything is energy, and if all one person is in love, in joy, in trust, in connection and freedom, or living, then that is what matters, and at best it is a spark that can jump over to another soul that may also remember.
When I look at it this way, I am someone who has needed resistance to wake up, has had a lot of resistance to dare to be here on this planet -and that without masks, because I have never worn them and will never be able to wear them. (How symbolic, another reason why I can't wear the current mouth mask.) T
he more life on Earth is threatened, the more I begin to appreciate earthly life. The further we get away from the source, the more I long for originality. In my case, it seems; The more we are surrounded by darkness, the more I let my light shine.
I have woken up at a time when it appears that the preliminary work I have done serves me very much. I feel strong and brave, I feel happy and inwardly free, innocent as a small child and that, while I know what is currently going on on our magnificent planet Mother Earth.
I am only now realizing what an important work I have done because I have done a lot of inner work over the last few years. I had to shine a lot of light on my shadow side because it controlled my life. Through this process I not only learned how to stay out of the swamp that was always a big pitfall for me, but at the same time I got to know the light in myself and learn to trust.
I finally felt safe and grounded on this earth, completely at home in my body
, free to take up my space and guard this space in a healthy way, changed the field around me shortly afterwards. This is something that many lightworkers and people who awaken recognize.
Had we finally cleaned up our own room, the landlord turned out to make a mess of it, something like t
hat? When I think about this and look at this globally, you could say that so much light has been released in recent years that it has only come to light what has been going on since the fall of Atlantis… that our planet has been taken over by dark forces for thousands of years. So it is not that the darkness has grown at the moment, it is that more light shines on it, which makes it more visible.
We're in a very interesting time. For me, it is already creating more connection than ever before, that we as souls have chosen together to be here on earth now.
I trust that everyone has their job, and I trust the higher plan.
If you think I'm a bit shaky now, I invite you to follow my blog, because in subsequent blogs I'm going to talk about my own experiences in this and why I'm so convinced of the power of light.
Besides quantum physics, universal laws, simple physics, reading 'an unusual conversation with god' and some experiences at 'The School for The Work of Byron Katie', I have gained a lot of life experience which makes this theorem not a belief, but a deep inner knowledge.
I didn't have enough confidence to believe, I had to know and I got answers. This was by no means an easy road, but the pain is behind me as pain is in fact always in the past. The insights obtained are priceless.

Inner travel

The outside world is a mirror reflection of our inner world.
(For example, the flat earth is a very flat way of saying that the Earth is a hologram…; ) For
me, the inner travel was always just a little bit more interesting than traveling in the outside world. Maybe I'm bypassing here in a fancy way that that actually came because I didn't feel safe in this "men" world, but some things…, that may God know. If I'm going to use "God" in my blogs a little too often… Blame love. God to me equals Source, Origin, Cosmic Intelligence, nature. Mother Earth and our souls are closest to that source. That source is both in us and outside of us. We liked the game of duality, didn't we? God m
eans to me; Generator, Operator, Destroyer. A force of nature that is absolutely NOT ruthless. However, to be able to understand this may require some inner work. This work is called; The Work of Byron Katie.
The Work of Byron Katie is a self-examination between what is TRUE and what you BELIEVE to be true. You discover that reality is always kinder than the stories you tell about it, even if they are only in your head. The only thing that hurts is a thought that's not true for you, but that you do believe. Changing a belief system is a big challenge, but not impossible. At the end of the day, this is the job that can bring the shift you're looking for.
It is, of course, YOUR work that will give you the insights you need.
The expression; "it's the truth that frees you" is not complete. It is YOUR TRUTH that frees you.
In my experience, there are few feelings of happiness that can match this awakening to YOUR truth. When you see through the illusion that caused your suffering, there is an unprecedented freedom in its place. I have also seen this phenomenon with hundreds of other people I worked with at 'the school of Work'. The magic that became presentable by opening my mind to reality, apart from all kinds of programming (yes, we really all have them) I will never be able to deny them again. In fact, this magic is increasingly showing itself in 'real' life outside of 'this school.' This is similar to the monk on top of the mountain who remembered so much that he came down the mountain no longer misses.

The Work is a method to open your mind to reality, apart from all your (painful) stories. You will discover that reality is always kinder than the story you project on it. This is done in a very simple way, young and old, anyone can do this work.
Why is my first blog about The Work? Because I feel the world needs this. Having said that, as an experienced practitioner of The Work, I know that if I feel that way, I need The Work myself. Everything in the world is still in a perfect place, even though I can't always overlook it myself. Chaos is of such a high order that our mind cannot (yet) comprehend it.
What do I want to give to the world, what I want to give
to myself? Love, love and love
! Joy, freedom, beauty, unity, connection… all kinds of human values are compromised, which is why a stronger counter-force may arise. This power comes from within, and I'm happy to contribute to it.
Although I know the shift is going on, I finally feel big enough not to be allowed to compete for bacon and beans anymore.
.. What 'The Work' means exactly you will have to experience yourself, but I can tell you that it is 4 questions with a reversal, which will change your view of life and thus your life. (More information about this will follow on my website; , this link will be on this blog soon. If you want to free yourself from painful, blocking or anxious thoughts, and already want to use my services as the work-coach, please send an email via the contact form on this blog.)

Because the lie currently reigns hard, both in cause (political agendas) as a result (fear reaction among the public) my trained head turns in 'reversing things' just about overti
me… Let's keep it easy and let me give you this mnemzel bridge; I
n case you don't remember and you start asking a lot of questions (congratulations, by the way), remember the following;

"It is the truth that frees us"- so;
"It's the lie that imprisons us"

In the world of duality, this is what I want to give you.
But the real work goes a step further: you reverse the theorem;

"It's the lie that frees us"

The Work actually teaches you to look holistically.
For if I have to give an example of why this last statement is more truth to me, then it comes up in me; "E
vil inadvertently serves the good."

And this is exactly what The Work is a
bout; The discovery that there is only light, that shadow is nothing more than blocking light, that shadow is an illusion that we ourselves maintain by blocking light. The greatest blockade of light with which we have given the darkness space is the denial that we ourselves are GOD!

The reversal; "it is the lie that frees us" is more true to me than the statement that I believed, and which hurt, namely; "it's the lie that imprisons us."
For the vivid examples I can give for the proposition: "It is the lie that frees us" are, among other things;

-We've been on the wrong track for a long time. Exploiting Mother Earth because we've forgotten who we are? Remind us who we are and fast!

-We need a big mirror to wake us up and expand our consciousness. Do we need such darkness that we may be such a great light?

-Literally the lie becomes so transparent that it will eventually disappear; it will literally free us from the falsely created blockade to free and true life.
Would we ever wake up to the light being human, if we were not invited to speak to our higher powers?

Look, these are the answers I give that set me free. For you, it could be something else entirely, maybe more specific. The time we now live together demands an open mind. The Work can help you do this.
I'm very curious about your answers as to why the reversal might be just as true or even more true than the original theorem.
It's an invitation.
Let me know via a message in the contact form!

Today I saw a billboard of Coca Cola that said; "together we are stronger than ever." I never thought that an advertisement would ever come in to me, but with a holistic view of life, life becomes a lot more fun! And that without a bottle of Coca Cola hahaha….It feels like Higher Wisdom is talking to me in a disguise. Of course it's the light in me that recognizes light. Just as the dark in me recognizes dark. The Work is The Invitation to be completely honest with yourself. This takes courage, of course, but it will bring unconditional love for yourself and from there for the other and life. Did I mention you don't want to open the biggest presents? For now I'm going to close because I'm getting a little tired, i
'm better bought a bottle than…

Lots and lots of love,




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